Green Energy

Green energy is renewable and sustainable. It is renewable because it is not depleted easily and is naturally replenished. Green Energy is sustainable because no matter how recklessly we use these resources the future generation is not likely to suffer because of that!

Solar power, hydro electric power, wind power, Geo Thermal power, bio fuels and wave power are some of the green energy sources that can be used to an alternative to our conventional sources of energy.

Why do we have to switch over to a new type of energy source?

The rationale behind the mankind’s search for alternative sources of energy could be attributed to two reasons. Firstly the coal and oil produce of the world is not renewable. This means that in the near future we are likely to run out of these fuel sources. Imagine a world without vehicles and electricity. We will be pushed back to the dark ages!

Secondly, mankind has been too unkind to the earth’s environment. Ever since the discovery of coal the amount of harmful gases that are emitted from the exhausts and industry furnace have killed some of the important elements of our atmosphere. This is definitely not the right way to repay the atmosphere which has been acting as a blanket preventing us from a variety of harmful elements of the outer space.

We have managed to create a huge hole in the ozone layer. The thick layer of ozone in the atmosphere prevents UV rays from the son from scorching our earth. The incidence of Ultra Violet rays on our skin could potentially bring us cancer. The depletion of ozone layer is due to the excessive release of gases which are emitted as a result of incomplete combustion of coal and other conventional fuels.

So many of us might have heard of the term global warming! Many of us find it unable to believe that our earth in a phase of destruction which we can prevent only through drastic measures.

How does global warming affect us?

A layer of gases is formed at the top of our atmosphere, right above us. This gaseous layer acts as a blanket and a one way door. Sunlight enters the atmosphere percolates this layer of gas and hits our earth. The various objects on the earth and the surface of our earth reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. But the layer of gases at the atmosphere prevents this radiated heat from escaping and sends them back to the earth again by reflection. Because of this effect our earth experiences higher temperatures! The gases at the top simulate a greenhouse and thus are called as the green house gases.

The more and more we burn conventional fuel, the more and more we are consolidating the greenhouse gases. The temperatures will continue to rise, the arctic and the Antarctic will begin to melt and sea levels will increase. Destruction might not happen in your life time but this is no legacy that you want to leave for your children and green children!

Green energy offer an effective replacement to these conventional sources of energy because are pollution free!